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Minto Circle Hr. Sec. School

Minto Circle English Medium High School (Senior Secondary)

CBSE Affiliated (Affilation No 730079)

Allochi Bagh, Near Khadi Mill, Srinagar, J&K.


One should teach us How to make a living And the other How to Live - John Adams

We want to educate our children not merely for living but for life.

Our Mission is to ensure that after completing school, our children must have moral reliability and integrity.They must be mature enough to face the challenges and uphill struggles of life.They must be proficeint, decisive and emotionally stable.They must have an everlasting curiosity about the new and the unknown.They should have team spirit and be enterprising.They must believe in their abilities and must be innovative. They must know that they possess the tools to align with the shifts in the global economy, society, and environment. They should have the courage to cross boundaries and challenge old methods and they should critically engage with the needs of the society and the world and dedicate their efforts to solve problems for the greater good. They should be true achievers.

Blue, our school colour signifying strength and will power, should run through their veins lifelong.